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Great processing after a long time worked with Highfloat now switched to Koda, great polymer. Balloon flight time is good, if you follow all our secrets of working with latex balloons


Koda+Belbal = awesome union. Recommended, tested, loved it! And Samper too. But that's my personal opinion.


In all the time of my work, I only use code. When it runs out, of course, the remainder is a bit thick, but it's pretty good.

By the way, from the dispenser the main spout is removed and a small spout for thin processing. Very handy!


I have been using this greasing for almost 8 years now and it works flawlessly! Best value for money of all the greases!


In summer, in humid conditions KODA is great, in summer with helium for three years I use only KODA, but I like Highfloat for TMAs.


Beautiful processing, I like it very much.


The processing itself is beautiful, and we have tried and tested everything, but dispensers for some reason fly, crack. Dispensers from Chaya and Magic are in their third year, all the Koda’s ones are younger and are already dead. The old ones, dispensers. The new ones haven't reached us yet. And we're only taking the Koda’s processing now.


I've been using Hi-float for 6 years, but just 2 months ago I tried koda. More than happy.

I use koda. Flying great with both Belbal and the more budget-friendly segment.

The best.


We have been using Koda for 4 years now. For me it is much better than Highfloat. And it's more convenient to work with.


I was a bit disappointed in HighFloat recently and decided to try Koda. I was skeptical but now I'm very happy with it.


has been using Koda for 3 years I think. V-e-eery happy. And the new design of cans in general is fire.

We only use Koda. We like it very much!

Processing is good, balloons are flying better.


I really like Koda for helium)))


Good processing. Balloons are flying for a month.


Surprised and delighted that there is a quality product made in Russia. The first small bottles were as thick kissel, now I bought a large bottle and can not enjoy: and the dispenser normally plows, and not as sticky substance, as before - no need for any steam baths and batteries. But it dries longer than Highfloat. This means that the ball has time to lose volume. Not critical, for its price - great.


I bought a big jar, it was either very thick or the seller (the carrier) storage was violated, so I could not get the mixture out of the bottle!

Then after some time I decided to give it a second chance. I bought a smaller bottle. All's fine!


Been working with them for 5 years. It's love from the first time!


Koda is great polymer. Been friends with them for about 5 years, never let us down!


Koda is the only one I use.

Koda works great with Belbal and Everts.

I use it for helium, balloons fly great!

Super processing!

I'm only on Koda now! Very satisfied!


Been using Koda for 7 years. Price and quality is fire!


Got it for the first time yesterday. Today was scheduled... The processing is very thick. Will probably go back to Highfloat.


I want to write another review. Most likely I will work with pleasure in the summer, as the Koda is very thick. But the flight of the balloons is good... Considering that it is raining, the balloons are still in flight (day 8).


Koda is great, I even don't mind if it's not too thick but the balloons lasted 20 days longer than with HighFloat, I have two more HighFloats in stock and tomorrow I will take another one, it's not very cold yet.


I've been using for 3 years now, great gel, flight normal. I am happy with everything and at a reasonable price.


Best treatment! Never failed!


I've been working with them since the processing came on the market, I love it.


Used to HighFloat in the beginning. Now only use koda.

Really like the processing itself. More transparent, thicker, I think this contributes to a longer flight, but I pour it into a bottle of Highfloat. Before I had a bottle, it was not possible to work with it, it bent and not fully thought out the nozzle.

Koda rules!!!! Didn't trust it before until did a bunch of tests. Very, VERY pleased with the quality and price! And the new, beautiful packing is totally awesome!

And yes, the big Highfloat bottle, with the Koda filling, is coolest thing ever! There's nothing more convenient than this mix. I really want to try the dispenser from Koda, but I'm a little afraid.... but I'm sure it will be better than High, because they have seriously lost their position!