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About Company

How to solve the problem of rapidly deflating gel balloons?

        We have the solution for you! 

We have developed a product unique in its properties which solves this problem. KODA is a liquid polymer solution that dries inside latex balloons and forms a film that retains helium. Our product prolongs the flight time of latex balloons much longer.  So much longer than you'll sooner run out of holidays and weekends and still have balloons flying. Rather, you will get tired of watching them all the time and the kids will get tired of playing with them, but they will still keep flying and flying and flying. 

Safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable KODA has been trusted by organizers and decorators for years.

    No chemicals or unpleasant odor, only health-safe components approved for use with children.

Compatible with all known brands of latex balloons.

We established a company of like-minded people in 2012. We like what we do and we like to see the results of our work in your creation. We are constantly looking for better solutions and improving quality to make your business more successful, enjoyable, and easier.

Stay with us and everything will be KODA!